About Us

Committed to Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Captain Hook’s Smokehouse is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction – Our factory, based in Phuket, Thailand produces responsibly sourced premium quality smoked fish products, using traditional European smoking techniques over beech smoke – No preservatives, no dyes, just artfully crafted delicacies delivered with pride.

Artisan Master Smokers

Our team of artisan Master Smokers deliver delicious salmon, tuna, swordfish and mackerel using “hot” and “cold” smoking processes, infusing Captain Hook’s products with delicate savoury flavours, complimenting the freshest prime quality carefully selected fish which we use for smoking. Captain Hook’s Smokehouse aims to deliver the finest smoked fish in Asia satisfying the refined expectations of connoisseurs.

Our Genesis

Four Friends & One Passion for Quality Fish

The story of Captain Hook’s Smokehouse has been a labour of love and a journey just as magical as the adventures of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan – This is a tale of four seafaring men with one unifying passion, fish and helping people enjoy this blessed resource.

Our journey began many moons ago in the cockpit of CEO Martin Eleveld’s 51 foot Sports Fishing boat “Reely Nauti II”. Martin and his trusty shipmates Walter Dreir, Peter Pauli and Uwe Schittek would share cold drinks and tall tales to the melody of the emerald Andaman seascape – This band of brothers were united by a love of fishing, good food and a respect for nature.

After every successful adventure at sea, Martin, Peter, Uwe and Walter would pull into their home port of Ao Po Marina in Phuket and get a warm reception from their “land lubber” friends, who knew a feast was certainly scheduled for the night’s festivities… and more “cold drinks” between dramatic salty stories with the hard fighting fish as the hero of the tale – Libations of Rum toasted the beautiful creature who was now well seasoned for the grill.

As enthusiasts of fishing and fine food, our quartet of Pirates always experimented with ways to prepare the days catch, and guess what was most popular among their friends and families? Yes, you guessed it! – Smoked fish prepared from the haul of tuna frozen since the previous trip braving the monsters of the deep.

Soon Martin, Peter, Uwe and Walter realized they had hit on their hands and a small batch of expertly smoked tuna turned into a very popular cottage industry – Which then transformed into a state of the art FDA approved factory in Phuket. Capable of producing 9 tons of product per month.

At Captain Hook’s Smokehouse fish is our passion and we will sail the seven seas to deliver premium quality responsibly sourced smoked fish – Just like Peter Pan, the taste of our delicious products never gets old and is always fresh.